We help you gain recognition in mass media through a pre-planned turnkey community project you will “lead”, thoroughly documented by us creating a film telling YOUR STORY. The film includes the coverage from mainstream media, together with the proven success of your community project, following you every step of the way as you have an impact on thousands on lives. We specialize in both creating a customized plan that is best for you, plus facilitate it. If you don’t have a particular cause in mind, we can assist with providing a menu of causes to choose from. To add awareness of your project we can also facilitate in adding a Hollywood star for guest appearance. Each project also provides product placement opportunities. Our end goal is helping our clients become “legends” as they change the world (as we have already laid all the groundwork), gaining media coverage and creating a worthwhile legacy’s. Everything is turnkey and already pre-planned in advance following our universal 10-step methodology making it easy, and requires little of your time for you to participate. We recommend that the film is screened at film festivals to reach out and inspire as many people as possible.

‘‘Unless it was documented it never happened.’’